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As Chiropractors on the Wirral our aim is to provide you with the very best of Chiropractic treatment in a professional and welcoming environment.

How do we provide the very best treatment? Our clinic is the longest established, most qualified and most experienced Chiropractic Clinic on the Wirral. We only have masters degree qualified chiropractors which is the highest qualification level within the UK and Europe. Not only do our chiropractors have the best in undergraduate education, but they excel at a clinical post-graduate level.

Our lead chiropractor Donna Strachan lectures regularly at post-graduate level in a variety of topics and has developed courses in chiropractic manipulation, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) and Taping Techniques including Kinesiology taping. Our lead physiotherapist Leigh Halfteck also lectures in Sports Physiotherapy and has developed courses in Specific Exercise Rehabiliation Technique and NIT Neural Interface Technique.

Both our lead practitioners also work extensively in sport. Donna Strachan has lectured and consulted for the RFU, FA, EIS, RYA and Royal London Ballet. She was also selected as a chiropractor as part of the medical services provision at the London 2012 Olympics: read more here. Leigh Halfteck has worked within elite sport for over 6 years and was the lead physiotherapist for GB Taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympics and physiotherapist for England Athletics at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Why do we think this is important to tell you? Because it shows that we have a proven record in an elite environment. Working in sport makes you better and working in elite sport makes you great. It’s simple; the better we are as practitioners, the more we can help you. And that is our goal.

You can contact the clinic on 0151 648 5000 to book an appointment or speak to a practitioner.  We provide treatment for nerve, joint and muscle pains including sciatica, disc herniations, lumbago, arthritis and many more.  For treatment and relief from your pain, contact The Chiropractic Clinic on the Wirral and see how we can help you.

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